Sharing experience how to layout homepage is reasonable

second: Description Description, in addition to other titles is essential for the description of web site. For example, the same excellent title, two sites into the love Shanghai home situation, then no doubt description will become another indicator of the keywords ranking, and written description can be better to attract users to visit, so the description is very important.

homepage will use call >

The first point:

for each web page, is undoubtedly the most important, whether a spider or the user is generally through the website homepage, and generally speaking the web page on the site of the entire page group weight is the highest, so the layout page is also very important, so how do we go the layout page better? Today I will share with you some tips page layout issues and the need to pay attention to, hope to help you master.

At the top of the layout of

(a) site at the top of the layout.

Title Site Title site title, we usually use keywords to fill, so that the search engine recognition site we do is what type of site, mainly engaged in what keywords. So we need to write the title, because the title is equivalent to a person face recognition plays a role. So what is the good title? Generally speaking we according to user search keywords in the form of writing, not more than 25 Chinese characters, because many do not show, because each industry site is not the same, so the author is not a example, you can refer to the same industry a great site to follow.

is essential for each site navigation, so it is in the website plays a very important place, and we all know the navigation to help the user experience, so that users can more quickly find the information they want to know when we are navigation bar, but we need to pay attention to the layout, do not use flash, pictures of to describe, because the search engine spiders are not recognized, the other is navigation can be sorted in accordance with the owners to give the weights of the column in order to turn from left to right to carry on the reasonable layout.

Of course, each

site is very important, because generally speaking spiders are from top to bottom, from the right to form and to give weight to crawl. The head of the site in general is mainly divided three points:

third: Web site keywords keywords, the author here is not to say, because the role is not large, generally set up several key on it, the search engine is mainly based on the title title to be identified, according to the website weights given website ranking.

(two) site navigation layout.

(three) content page layout.

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