Soft chain increases magic weapon


4, Donews-IT portal

1, the high quality of soft Wen: write soft Wen, must to analyze the essence of them, if they can not find it, rewrite the proposal.


before I wrote an article "how to achieve the quality and quantity of website promotion?" article, through the submission on Admin5 reproduced amazing results see below, if you keep the links in the article, then this reprint volume can make the site a short time you added in many different high quality links, of course there are some personal quality problem or webmaster delete the original link editor.

1, Admin5 Adsense nets

soft, for the network marketing personnel, is marketing. Soft, we love Shanghai, to find relevant results about 23300000. We can see the importance of the soft. So today is soft for the role of the chain. Many webmaster early in the site, the construction of the chain is a headache, the chain of the site how to do? What platform do the chain blog forum??? Signature?

soft released a few steps. Writing, modify, submission, reprint (share). Mean, a soft, not we casually write out, you can get the submission, reprint. There is a modification of the process, to its dregs its essence. To increase readability by modifying the soft, can be shared. The next step is to contribute. The domestic well-known webmaster submitted to the site has the following:



soft, the chain increased magic weapon

2, the owners of the house

through the soft, easy access to the chain

Figure 1 In fact, these


3, a push

have to do, only individuals tend to compare through the soft wen. A high quality of soft Wen, once released, reproduced by the probability of striking. Soft Wen contribute is the most common form, after all, there are still many websites very accept submission.


love Admin5 station network, which about the experience of the original article is very popular, many webmaster is currently gathering, released at the same time, the reprint rate is very high. Of course, the above examples often go to the personal website. The Department of Health (network marketing blog: Zhao Chun original, reproduced please keep the original address: 贵族宝贝zuiniuba贵族宝贝/wzyh/20.html. ), at the same time, I will own reprint your article.

5, grassroots network

soft contribute to success of

said that, to sum up. How to increase the soft chain of high quality.

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