Qi more website internal optimization of the five Nirvana

1, title and keywords

Qi more that many webmaster in the process of Web site optimization, most of the time and energy on the construction of internal and external website, optimizing the actual site is also very important, internal web site optimization is a tedious work, is the basis for the website optimization, internal optimization to make the whole website optimization multiplier. Internal web site optimization mainly considered easier for users to understand and use, easy spiders crawl and crawl, we look together for this website internal optimization five Nirvana:

site navigation optimization

website user experience is a purely subjective in the user process in the website set up feeling, in my previous article also mentioned the 5 website user experience, namely sensory experience, interactive experience, browsing experience, emotional experience, experience of trust. The specific performance of making a simple but rich site map in the map, we simply include the column name and a simple introduction to the column. The article recommended list title + profile form, so that users can more quickly find the content they need, also can make the page, showing more information, as well as key information.


5, highlights the value of

3, The

main site navigation generally reflected in a directory, through which users and spiders can access to the deep layers of all the important sites. So the main part must be reflected in the website prominently the first screen, and the best use of text links instead of images. If your site is two level three many columns, so please don’t have to put in the navigation bar, the navigation bar should be put in your key columns. A reasonable and effective website internal circulation links, such as the commonly used home channel program content, maintain the 3-4 level, which is very friendly to users and spiders.

page layout can not only affect the spider crawling, will also affect the user experience. Follow the spiders crawling and browsing from the top down, the principle from left to right, we should put important information on the upper right, to attract users and search engines.

4, improve the user experience of

, the 2 page content optimization

"content is king, the chain for emperor", visible content of the important position, content rich and colorful website is the most valuable thing, let the user and search engine, allowing users to feel you.

we all know the weight given to search engine ranking algorithm in the title is very high, reasonable title will improve the search engine’s attention to a great extent, the title should be closely linked to the meaning of the expression, be associated with the theme of the site, under the premise of sentence added to the 2-3 keyword, not forced to join keywords keyword stuffing or. In addition, in the description tags and contents of reasonable arrangement of keywords, appropriate to be bold, to change the color to emphasize the main keywords.

Optimization of

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