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The average life expectancy of The advantage of What are the factors that restrict the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

if we want to promote a product, must spend a lot of money, not thousands, tens of thousands of can do the best results, but small businesses did not dare to spend money, spend sure to spend wisely, is there a way to spend less, the best effect of

We use

survey found that Chinese SMEs are relatively small, they lack most is money, this is the ultimate reason of the large enterprises and not PK.

two, the threshold is low, pay

to promote this model, we need to put the product accurately, the advertising out, you in the promotion at the same time, you need the product are also looking for you.

The advantages of The development of

according to the results of the survey show that most of the small and medium-sized enterprises have begun to realize the online sales, but with the search engine marketing has become more and more complex and professional, small and medium-sized enterprises generally lack the time and technical personnel, and more will be their website promotion to professional companies, in order to get better results.

this kind of marketing method in the end what advantage?

according to a survey of the business sector of small and medium-sized enterprises showed that nearly half of the small and medium-sized enterprises survive for 4 years.

The advantage of products?The


, a running precise

Internet, prompting the use of number of search engines is increasing gradually, the search engine has become an important application of the Internet, many users of the browser home mostly love Shanghai, the search has become a part of people thinking, already cannot do without the search engine, but also very dependent on.

search engine has been integrated into our lives, and we have. Before you have a problem or question to know the answer, you only have to ask their friends and relatives, and now, there is a problem, you will think of the search engine, the thought of "love Shanghai, love Shanghai You’ll see". Now the biggest search engine China undoubtedly is the love of Shanghai.

search engine marketing does not require you to have a lot of money, a good solution to the problem of small and medium-sized enterprises lack of funds. Moreover, unlike traditional promotion, spent a huge amount of advertising costs, will not bring good results. This kind of marketing is in accordance with the click pay, we avoid wasted a penny, so every penny spent.

can monitor the effect

Chinese enterprises only 7-8 years, especially private enterprises, the average life expectancy of only 2.9 years, less than 9% survived more than 5 years, what causes it?

on the formation of this kind of marketing method: search engine marketing

in the traditional promotion we can only say that I can spend on advertising.


? Is the product, price, channels and promotion of

?The development of

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