No matter how can sex Shanghai ranking optimization competition


this is a basic principle of attention, the website structure, opponents of the procedures used are necessary to pay attention to, if the opponent is used in CMS, you can use blog program to fight, there will be inevitable pressure. We love Shanghai to an ecological environment, the criterion is the survival of the fittest, the same words, the same position, if the program is weaker than the opponent a grade, is bound to be bullied by the. So the opponent program framework, are going to focus on the site, do not come out, the poor than the opponent. At least from the point of view of parallel lines, so late to have synchronous competition.

website update time

today and as usual at the A5 forum, see people saying, don’t love Shanghai to change, how to change, insist on doing their own work at hand can be. If yes, just forget the direction and scope of manual work, we have to do, is to do things like love Shanghai, love Shanghai love to work, or do in no use. If Shanghai is to rely on love to eat, love must comply with the Shanghai rules, some potential rules, although the short-term will be very effective, but for a long time, there will be a great legacy, normal Shanghai dragon technique, is the best choice for regular trading.

wrote a detailed analysis to be squeezed out of a ranking, today want to talk about the website to take contact with their rivals. The opponent is very important, love Shanghai ranking optimization not to tube competitors, otherwise it is likely to occur without the sense of its ranking, website inexplicably drop right away, home inexplicable enterprise K. In fact, these are not enough attention to the opponent because.

this is a lot of Shanghai dragon ER update is ignored, Shanghai dragon ER every day to do things, good habits of Shanghai dragon ER will update your website in a fixed time, here is not only the same graphic update update, to update the internal and external links, these are the basic techniques. Some sites in the very front rank, if it is on a large number of high-quality chain up to the site, even if the chain is in itself is not strong, update, will gradually be carefully updated site top down. If the opponent’s website the next update time, then we have to do is to update every day on time, beat his opponent, ranked by winning.

optimization made quite a long time, large and small, have experienced many. What do the project, but a spectator identity accompany love Shanghai so long, how much of the day and night, countless hours, love the charming Shanghai prostrate at the feet of indignation, Baidu, you let these ER Shanghai Dragon Quest, let us these Shanghai dragon ER’s analysis, to the end the same turn faster than the book. Strange right down, rather baffling rankings disappear, all these problems make us trouble, but now also Guo Yeye still adhere to their own views, artificial interference love Shanghai will not easily, maybe just a part of the problem.

Pay attention to the website structure of

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