issued a statement denounced false reports no business with watch dawn

[TechWeb] November 25th News reported today, the network spread a called " suspected of selling counterfeit products involving multiple categories of news". This paper points out that the Shenzhen company called "dawn" watch company, a large number of counterfeit expensive Swiss watches and jewelry. According to the media reports the dawn of the industry goods sales channels, is and other electronic business platform and TV shopping platform. statement denounced false reports: no business read more

Social e-commerce should not be the core of the concept of deepening speculation is the core operati

The concept of

nearly two years of social commerce is very popular, although many of them is the enterprise itself or the capital market speculation, but social commerce makes us engaged in B2C business enterprises are trying to seek a social communication effect way of marketing, Internet environment and e-commerce market at present, B2C is already heavy assets operating mode, the media and the channel cost high growth year after year, let B2C enterprise marketing cost to gain market share and grow with each passing day, and win customers and price competition, so that enterprises have invested huge costs, but greatly reduced their profits. The total number of 2011 national B2C industry website reached 1.22 million, the electricity supplier industry investment of about $4 billion, but add up all the electricity supplier debt estimated at more than $2 billion, the price competition is inevitable and eventually burn, a number of enterprises because of funding strand breaks lead to exit the market. read more

11 suspected repaying 6 businessmen Tmall real-time check brush


] the night of November 11th news billion state power network, Tmall double 11 war started, there are reports of six brand businesses because of brush to get out of the double 11 category branch field sources, can only be marking, organized promotional activities in the shop, but the venue completely lost position and flow of resources.

sources suspected exposure by Tmall processing businesses list: Peter Getty flagship stores, flagship stores, Smiar love Michael official flagship store, FallinMiss shoes, mystery camel men’s flagship store, Rafi Steen flagship store. read more

Taobao matchmaker take the platform Taobao customers and business matchmaking


] July 24th news billion state power network, the day before, Taobao promotion platform sellers Alliance launched Taobao customer interactive investment platform, billion state power network that platform has entered the beta stage, Taobao and Taobao customers can sign up to participate in business.


Taobao alliance, Taobao customer interaction platform for Taobao customers and Merchants Merchants, merchants and customers can join Taobao platform directly want to contact, can also be directed to investment, can also promote other Taobao customers made promotion pages. read more

China’s Internet domain name record Mount Everest high selling price

Beijing Beijing, September 24, (Song Jia) last year China retest the world first peak height of Mount Qomolangma has attracted worldwide attention, but also triggered a massive Internet cybersquatting war. Finally, Chinese’s first e-commerce site has created 8848 federal software won the "war", up to seven digits of the purchase price to Mount Everest new heights of 8844 top-level domain, which is also the highest Chinese mainland Internet domain name transaction record high.

about why spend such a high price to buy domain name, Wang Jianhua seemed quite excited, he said, first of all, the world first peak height, itself has a rare degree of global concern, than any other digital domain names are easier to spread around the world, its symbolic significance is huge, is the representative of the first in the world. Second, federal software have very strong feeling of Mount Everest, Mount Everest, the original height is 8848, what was once as the years China e-commerce synonymous.

As for how to prepare read more

Analysis of network marketing talents 10493 depth

national e-commerce professional colleges, college and secondary occupation colleges of more than 2000, while the electronic commerce has become a professional employment, and in fact the social demand for e-commerce professional talents is very strong.

Shen Haoyu, vice president of Baidu

business operations, said: the search for marketing talent demand gap of 1 million, which is just a conservative estimate. Professional personnel are difficult to find, it has become the most urgent problems encountered when the enterprises carry out search marketing." Search engine is just a tool for enterprises to carry out network marketing, and only understand the search engine marketing network marketing talent gap has reached 1 million! read more

Taobao mall part of the merchant dissatisfaction to improve the collective assault big sellers

part of the seller through YY contact


sellers malicious will buy a portion of the goods under the frame of


technology news October 12th morning news, Taobao mall greatly improve the service fees and the security deposit sparked fierce opposition part of small sellers, they buy through malicious methods on Taobao mall big sellers for collective attack to vent their dissatisfaction.

7000 malicious attack big seller

11 evening, thousands of small businesses through language chat tools YY, forums and other ways to contact the Taobao mall big sellers malicious attacks. read more

Tencent to Dangdang price war trying to take advantage of each other to save marriage spoiler

compared with Tencent electricity supplier, Dangdang current situation is limited. Although the sales leader in the field of books, but in the United China Jingdong, Amazon containment mall, and other electricity providers in the field of books, Toubajiaoyi does not sit well.

in the Jingdong and mall of the two price war hero played awfully on the occasion, but in hunting aid plump wings. The author was informed in June 13th, Tencent electricity supplier has become Dangdang new strategy of going out strategy. The latter will operate exclusively under the Tencent’s QQ online shopping books, maternal and child business. The industry believes that not bright earnings to lack of confidence, only through other ways in the fierce price war in the "spoiler". read more

Site into the domain name dispute lawsuit Dalian computer forum paralysis (Dalian Computer Forum) is a lot of home computer users are familiar with the site, but the domain name who should belong to a lawsuit. Yesterday at 9 o’clock, Dalian City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing of the computer network domain name and the domain name from the domain name dispute. Who is the owner of the Dalian computer forum, is still in the process of further cognizance.

original website is paralyzed

Mr. Wang said his personal name registered domain name, the independent establishment of the Dalian computer forum website. According to the needs of business development, he agreed to use part of the site of mr.. But in August this year, Mr. Zhao will reveal the domain name management password to Zou Xiansheng, so Mr. Zou revised key information in addition to all of the domain name ", and the control of the management of the domain name, cause the website key information data lost, bring huge economic losses, resulting in the original site in the network search rankings decline, click rate fell to 0, the original site is currently in full paralysis. read more

Tmall shopping abroad and then enlarge the largest joint venture group

July 28th, Tmall international group together the largest duty-free shops in Xinluo group, the largest duty-free shops in Thailand group Royal Group (KingPower) reached an exclusive strategic cooperation, three party jointly announced the first to start the project in Chinese gallerias.

Tmall international general manager Liu Peng said at the press conference: "during the Spring Festival in 2015, the industry has been rumored to Tmall international gallerias project, will now be announced publicly, and innovation through the cross-border import electricity supplier, Tmall pioneered the introduction of countries directly into the duty-free shops in the new model, opened the country’s overseas shopping tour." read more

Jingdong also to do O2O it will just be fashionable

listed a year Jingdong hopes to combine the advantages of Jingdong electricity supplier, logistics and distribution, fission of new business segments for the capital market to inject new imagination, O2O business on this list.

The rise of

in the group purchase website, taxi software, online hotel and tourism industry, these through the Internet under the line of traditional industrial resources and online sales platform with the combination of the O2O concept in the country already known. But for Jingdong, this is just the beginning. read more

Home Furnishing website is the right way to develop O2O

home industry has been involved in the electricity supplier has been a controversial topic. In some industry view, and now the electricity supplier has become the inevitable trend of the development of traditional enterprises in the future, and the home industry is no exception. Even the industry is very optimistic about the prospects of the home appliance industry electricity supplier, pointing out that the home industry in the next five years there will be a sales of 40% will be completed online. But there are also many people are not optimistic about the home industry electricity supplier, and claimed that the home industry is not to say that five years is not necessarily what the climate of ten years. read more

Cultivate the domain name to let our domain name is also on the traffic lights

cook a domain name is easy to cook a strong domain name is very difficult. Do you dream that one day your domain name will be on the road traffic lights? I think you must not hesitate to say: think.

hung on the red light of the domain name, usually with good capital or good a born beauty that kind of domain name, in some people’s eyes, she is a brand. If you have a few years later, your domain name hanging on the traffic lights, you will feel for their own 1 yuan that year and feel small now that the great $1. There are horizontal bars of the domain name is bad, not necessarily, is the bar for a few years, the brand must be the end of COM, not necessarily, has been a years. Of course, do not rush to register with a horizontal bar domain name, but in this domain name to cultivate your domain name appreciation. read more

Five asked poly beauty why it is difficult to go beyond the listing of

[Abstract] on Friday successfully landed on the New York stock exchange from a group purchase website has become one of the few domestic listed companies,’s advantage is the moment amplification.

according to some businesses revealed that aura has been coveted, especially in recent years in the mobile terminal, open platform progress, let this "pet" also had to hold grudges three points. "At sent to businesses’ two choose a" list ", directed" usually alluding to" A network of men’s clothing brand director told billion state power network. read more

Look at the risk of Taobao store from the double 12 siege incident

Since the

following the 2011 Taobao "October siege incident" occurred, these two years has been intermittently sellers emotional things happen, but basically is a minor, but since December 3rd, because Taobao suddenly launched the "fake remediation activities do not directly delete after consultation by sellers of goods act once again sparked a the large-scale group siege, today is still carried out like a raging fire.

Although Taobao

as the preferred platform for small and medium sized business electricity supplier sellers and the house, but with the development of the Taobao platform to grow, there is a small seller support program before Taobao has gone, now Taobao is more like a small sellers want to quickly put aside the pursuit of quality, Taobao free open shop also seems has become the past, "Taobao burn to do business" is not true, only you try to know. From this large-scale group event, the risk has been highlighted Taobao platform. read more

Taobao shop practical promotion so that you have a good way to clinch a deal every day

had just attended a local e-commerce forum online shopping expert "official Shuer", we are fortunate enough to be invited, for the novice owners on the Taobao store of practical promotion methods, many novice owner in store promotion worry, especially the newly opened, the lack of prestige, it is difficult to have let the novice owner deal! Are difficult for everyone! Officer Shuer simple lists the following practical promotion methods, hope for the novice owners a little inspiration! (the old manager, webmaster can bypass, here only for Taobao new owner, because many shopkeepers do website experience, do not understand the knowledge of the read more

Business platform for businesses to a single brush, a cup of wine

text / electricity supplier veteran matador

media recently reported a net friend to report the arrangement of Jingdong employees brush merchants, Jingdong mall sales increase events. The afternoon of April 3rd, the Jingdong announced the internal inspection results, the staff involved with the business of business communication, a serious violation of company rules, in accordance with the relevant provisions for immediate dismissal, the relevant person in charge due to the presence of staff management responsibilities, but also by internal punishment. read more

Shanghai Bao cool to 200 thousand yuan acquisition of domain name

February 14th hearing, users reported material (Shanghai Bao cool Network Technology Co., Ltd.) recently acquired the domain name, for the creation of its lottery website".

It is understood that the domain name

, a network called "Tiger Chiu" Hongkong netizen and registered in March 2000 held in late August 2007 at a price of 200 thousand yuan transferred to the current holder – Shanghai Bao cool Network Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Zhang Bingliang.

Shanghai Bao cool has a number of well-known Internet brands, its in the online game market is more active. The success of 200 thousand yuan acquisition of domain name, is to replace the original application of lottery network of 88". According to informed sources, before the acquisition of the domain name, Zhang Bingliang was also associated with, and and other "lottery" domain name holder conversation, due to the transaction price can not accept to give up. read more

Jennifer ALSever bad reviews can also increase sales

makes it easier for customers to make public comments about your products that will reduce sales.

(Fortune Small Business) – like many retailers, Jim Hobart (Jim Hobart) is well aware of the value of praise.

Hobart and jointly established a shop in, which has a page full of selected customer reviews, comments on the object the site’s Alpaca sweaters, socks and yarn. But recently, 47 year old Hobart wants to go further, he and PowerReviews company, using the company’s software, consumers can directly evaluate their products on the retailer’s website. read more

Improve the operating threshold in a single way to extend the scope of the daily necessities of the

disguised raise the operating threshold Jingdong unilateral extension of daily necessities supplier class accounts

for a prolonged period of 15 days of account decision, let the Jingdong merchandise category suppliers back out of a cold sweat.

broke the billion state power network in the business received before the Jingdong store mining sales department unilaterally extended daily supplier credit period. According to the businesses to provide mail display, Jingdong mall from May onwards will be the original contract agreed in the 45 days of account period extended to 60 days, or the original account period expires for 30 days in the year of acceptance, the contract has been signed in less than 60 days of account terms declared invalid. read more