Promote green travel Zhengzhou will build charging piles 3000

car on the market although the popularity gradually, but we all know that in the process of driving cars, not only emit a lot of pollutants, but also a waste of natural resources, so the social family continues to promote energy saving and emission reduction of green travel. Zhengzhou Municipal Government hosted the first China (Zhengzhou) new energy vehicles and intelligent driving summit. It is reported that in the first 8 months of this year, Zhengzhou new energy vehicle sales of 10761, an increase of 23%. New energy vehicles in 2016 production and sales of more than 25 thousand vehicles, an increase of 16%. read more

Write the end of the year to become rich road

year-end summary is a lot of people’s troubles, but also bring business opportunities". Recently, the reporter found that the network to write business at the end of year-end bonus is unusually hot, in the Taobao online business, to write such a larger volume, fees for 100 yuan to 80 yuan per thousand words, touted by many people. In this regard, there are users that it is convenient, but also expressed concern that the quality is difficult to cross the border at the same time, it will involve privacy, it is not afraid to try. read more

What are the characteristics of hamburger franchise

from 1980 to now, has been ingrained in Hamburg China catering market, since the reform and opening up, the introduction of Western fast food China after Hamburg brand has been in Chinese market standing in this context has greatly promoted foreign fast-food brands such as KFC and McDonald’s in Chinese market expansion. Although in recent years there have been some hamburgers have great harm to health of the speech, but Hamburg because of its convenient and affordable still occupy an unshakable position, still has broad market prospects in the city and rural areas, is still the choice of quality investment to join. So, for small and medium investors who have a hamburger shop? read more

Cangnan County, the original 1234 working method to promote women’s Entrepreneurship

any area, if you want to play as much as possible to bring the economic dividends of entrepreneurship, you must actively mobilize the enthusiasm of women start to become rich. The use of exclusive entrepreneurial support policies to promote entrepreneurship, creating a new cause for women to open the door.

in deepening women’s entrepreneurship and innovation project in Zhejiang Province, Cangnan County women’s Federation, based on the characteristics of economic development, highlight the "1234" method, comprehensively promote rural women’s entrepreneurial wealth. "1234" were launched "a policy", smooth financing channels; highlight the "two services", build a communication platform; "three promotion", to enhance the level of entrepreneurship; to create "four" Internet plus ", expand the service function. read more

New projects to become rich collection

in the current fierce competition in the market, if the project is not new, it is very difficult to make a breakthrough on the market, in order to allow more investors to get useful information here, Xiaobian recommended several new rich project, hope to be able to help your business!

2006, only 24 years old Nick Kilsyros and Sean mickles founded "student millionaire" website. After the registration of this site, you can paste the problem on the site, and are willing to pay the price tag, and then wait for the experts to answer for you, or by the site is responsible for looking for a tutor. When the problem is solved, the student rich website to extract 18% of the transaction as a commission. Now, the average price of each tutorial on the site is $15, the annual revenue of the site is as high as several million dollars. read more

Do not open shop fast food restaurants can really make money

if only from the needs of the market to analyze, there seems to be no shop fast food really has a very good development market, it is worth our investment. However, if the investment to do such a business is really able to earn high interest? Let Xiaobian bring you together to analyze.

is called a fast food store is simply in the context of radiation only open a fast food production studio to do takeout lunch box, and then by the distribution of fast food will be sent to the hands of customers. read more

What are the community store business strategy

is now a variety of large shopping malls, even in the surrounding communities, the same is a huge number of shops, which naturally brings difficulties to the management of major community stores. Although the community store in many ways than the big supermarket, but community stores also not inferior, everything is There are both advantages and disadvantages.. Although the advantages of large supermarkets, but there are deficiencies, although there are insufficient community stores, but there are advantages. In the fierce competition today, as the owner of the community should work hard to tap and develop more than the development of some of the characteristics of their own scale, so that their supermarket more beautiful point. read more

Public transportation to talk about the success of the proposed single Wang action!

this is a bus love, the young man met six years ago with his girlfriend met on the bus, and now on the bus to marry his girlfriend, a very romantic affair, enviable. Believe that the single Wang to see the bus to talk about the success of the news, but also a new impetus.

2010 March 12th, Zhengzhou guy Li Chong and his girlfriend, now in the opportunity to take the opportunity to meet B1 bus. An eye of Li Chong and the courage to come up with the courage to talk to Feng Feng, and firmly grasp their own happiness. After 6 years of love running, in March 12, 2016, Li Chong once again summon up courage, in the family and friends together to encourage and witness, wrapped a bus to propose marriage to Feng Feng. read more

Meizu VS millet gap where

now, the most popular mobile phone brand millet. Speaking of millet, I thought of making god. The so-called God, that is, only an extraterrestrial talent can be done out of the matter, counted on a head of the earth, and the earth people do not feel comfortable.

J.Wong has been obsessed with small and beautiful "slow production", hope to accomplish the whole task at one stroke of a burst of energy to win a market, this is the integration of the hardware industry in the Internet before Motorola was doing. Millet’s success, not only proved the power of Internet marketing, but also proved the speed of production of products with the speed of the internet. Now, Meizu is more like "born to have a fever". read more

Jewelry store decoration how to attract people

we need exquisite jewelry embellishment, also let the demand for jewelry is very big, want to engage in this business too much, the jewelry industry is full of infinite charm for entrepreneurs, many want to start new want to find a suitable decoration project, but an important factor affecting the jewelry store is the decoration design, so beginners how to do jewelry store decoration design


in the jewelry industry rivalry means a lot for the first time entrepreneurial friends, jewelry stores interior decoration is very important, now the novice shop will inevitably encounter many obstacles, including the coordination of jewelry stores signs and font size and appearance, appearance appearance basically determine your style, and the font choose basically determines your grades, if you are not the guest to the door of the store that people recognize you, this is certainly a sign of failure. read more

How much is Bao Bao wonton

would like to open a wonton shop, the friends of the note, would like to venture to join, but do not know how to do the relevant information? In particular, the cost of joining the problem, the following small series to the full treasure chaos as an example to introduce you to join the cost problem.

How much is the full

treasure wonton joining fee? Join costs include: full treasure wonton 5 thousand yuan jiamingfei (every two years to pay), operating margin 8 thousand yuan (one-time payment, the contract expires no longer together, without violating the agreed conditions return). read more

Where is the Chicken Soup Company

now what kind of enterprises are more focused on the integration of their own company’s operations, Wei chicken soup is a centralized operation and management model, is a food and beverage co.. Wei and Catering Services Ltd. is a theme restaurant, set production, food research, teaching and training, marketing consulting as a whole, specializing in Herbal Chicken promotion and operation of franchise chain management company. The company’s well-known brand "Wei Jia soup" for the company’s own founder, founded in October 23, 2007 by Mr. Feng Wuwei, the company is located in Henan city of Zhengzhou province university road or international; 7 period in 2008 the State Administration for Industry and commerce registration review of the exclusive brand. Wei Jia soup after many years of development and growth, has been opened in the country on the more than and 150 chain stores, repeatedly been rated as the "Central Plains catering delicacy", "Chinese famous snacks" and other honorary titles, has become the first brand of original Chinese chicken soup. read more

How to open tea chain stores

open tea chain stores need to purchase, consumers pay attention to quality, how do you find the right suppliers of tea? This is the test of a franchisee. If you want to get a better reference, you need to be familiar with the product. Xiao Bian to provide some reference, so you can easily find the right suppliers.

A, the first trial in the purchase of

read more

How to take the name of the lingerie store can refer to these

open lingerie shop, in the face of the female consumer groups, we know that female friends are said to be more emotional, and sometimes, they enter the store may be because the name of the store attracted them. Therefore, when opening the underwear shop, be sure to give the store to get a proper name. We can refer to the following shop names to find the name of their own lingerie store inspiration!

personality underwear shop name Daquan

read more

How to buy discount clothing brand stores

people pay attention to one thing to pay attention to benefits, so the brand discount store is frequented by people. Want to open a successful brand discount stores, it is necessary to understand that the goods are directly related to the key to a clothing store business is good or bad. So how do you want to buy a discount shop? Today, follow the small series together to look at the brand discount store purchasing skills!

discount brand in the rent is not high urban or suburban shops, shop rent about 80% cheaper than big shopping malls, business profit is much better than other shopping malls. Facilities simple, simple way to sell, no intermediate links, so that the cost of the brand discount stores less than half of the mall. read more

2016 entrepreneurial ideas drink shop open what position

what is the location of the beverage shop? With the drinks industry has great development prospects, many people have a strong interest in a variety of drinks, drinks, therefore, to open a beverage stores choose what position is the key, let Xiaobian to recommend 2016 idea of what a good advice about wang.

The first four shop lots of liquor stores:

1, bustling commercial street.

position of such traffic particularly large, centralized source of customers, as long as the stores drink good quality and good service, leisure time is very happy to narrow customers patronize, people shopping tired can go to the store with the rest, then point a delicious drink, operation after a period of time, the customer will be old at the same time frequently patronize, attract more customers. And as long as there is a certain customer, there is no need to worry about the future of the money. read more