Love is a large area of Shanghai K station in the end is the webmaster or Baidu unwell



only home no page or inside pages less generally occur in relatively new sites, this new page may have been love Shanghai spiders, but there is a period of assessment, the assessment period will be put out, general assessment period will be based on the content and stability of the original degree to change. In general 1-2 months.

according to the 360 grab, love Shanghai has done a lot of defense work, such as encryption, but little significance. After all, can use the machine to solve things others can use machine decoding. So the author bold speculation, will fall in love with the sea to recruit Counterplot, first put their ranking upset, then able to a number of valuable but not high profile, even out a batch of illegal station, is to make 360 to grab. Then the legal prosecution of two pronged. Let 360 garbage all over the place. Of course, this is only the author of a bold guess. read more

How to make high-quality information on the B2B website

content system less content: B2B website of course is to provide services for enterprises, because enterprises with membership fees and advertising supported B2B website exists. Enterprise B2B pay site is of course that will sell their products out, so the B2B site will meet the requirements of the enterprise. Such as corporate news, product promotion and so on information placed on the website of the headlines. However, many enterprises in the sales of products through the B2B website at the same time, also hope to get some valuable information from the B2B website, including how the industry development trend recently? How trade policy environment? The competitor’s product price is what changes? And those leading enterprises and business ideas?. Especially for small business owners, they need more through the information to make the production and sale of adjustment. But this kind of information system, the site does not provide a lot of B2B. The evidence is the B2B website topic often seems very lag. It is seen by this reason, large B2B site has established a special research institute. For example, business treasure B2B Research Center, Ali Institute and so on, is lack of system information for this short board. read more

Lost between the chain number forty thousand night whether it is a blessing or a curse


6, garbage forum group chain.

two, from the update of the chain lost, according to their chain are analyzed and summarized, the author first talk about the main ways of the chain, and we explore what method to favor, the chain which is made out of the clouds.

blog space chain.

, the author thinks the chain loss phenomenon, on the site is on the scourge, do stand experience really a reminder, also is a fortune". Why do you say, because a lot of the chain lost cause website ranking, website slipped right down the phenomenon, the author said is the scourge. Then why is the "Fu"? Because I think success often have many failures, do stand too, too easily behind success often have many drawbacks, the sooner the better, so that the author called "Fu", this also lets me see the huge cloud site outside chain number in". read more

Indexing mechanism perfect love Shanghai why we included

many friends will say: my website without these things ah, love is not included in Shanghai.

many friends will say, three. Yes, the physical structure is three, but the logical structure is two, because I put this page in the page. Don’t forget, the spider is along the link to crawl the web instead of the path. According to my years of experience, the logical structure of more than three level, Shanghai is very difficult to collect love. For example, the spider climb your home page, enter your column page, that is second, enter the page through the column page link is third; if you are inside the column page page, basically do not climb down the spider. This is why a lot of friends website page is not included. Many of my friends asked, how do ah, there is a lot of my website article, can put read more

Love Shanghai why should adjust algorithm how to solve the keywords ranking drop right

so we first analyze, love Shanghai why should adjust algorithm:

: website invasion etc.)

what kind of website in this update by the relentless drop right:

)Don’t change the path to the

how to prevent malicious website right down:

3: now the search engine market is very fierce in this industry, love Shanghai user experience will depend on his status in the industry, if there is competition, need to constantly enhance the experience, in order to retain customers.

1: to increase the user experience, the original included reordering the content data to the user in the sea Kuri, love the content on the home page. read more

How to use QQ group to do keywords more than 6000 index page

Shanghai dragon

of Shanghai dragon, entry into earlier, 06 years began, and then through the training of official work, on the way there have been several job hopping, turning several times, 12 years now came to a Shenzhen company, company of Shanghai dragon look againer, and get love from the Shanghai business proportion the larger, the total business 45%. So the company set up a few people of the Shanghai dragon team, a clear division of labor.


is a Shanghai dragon knows, ranked at home in the top three, in fact, is more difficult than in most of the home page, because the row in front of the station is the basis of excellent site, while in front of our website website is three is the old site quite well-known, and if you want to go beyond these sites, we all know that only through the user click, then click on how to obtain these, even if love Shanghai has dealt with the current available click on the software, but we still hold. read more

No matter how can sex Shanghai ranking optimization competition


this is a basic principle of attention, the website structure, opponents of the procedures used are necessary to pay attention to, if the opponent is used in CMS, you can use blog program to fight, there will be inevitable pressure. We love Shanghai to an ecological environment, the criterion is the survival of the fittest, the same words, the same position, if the program is weaker than the opponent a grade, is bound to be bullied by the. So the opponent program framework, are going to focus on the site, do not come out, the poor than the opponent. At least from the point of view of parallel lines, so late to have synchronous competition. read more

How to enrich the site traffic sources to avoid relying on a single ranking love Shanghai

! !

Site traffic source

since the site keywords ranking by love Shanghai constraints and unstable, so we’ll be out of the website keywords, to find other will flow into the website, such as the use of products: such as Shanghai love love Shanghai, love Shanghai, love knows the Encyclopedia of Shanghai library, the Shanghai love product weight is very high, often a search keywords love Shanghai products are ranked in the top few words. If your website keywords has not appeared in Shanghai love these products, then the authorities advise you to immediately capture the wolf, for example: your website main keywords are "building blocks" so you can create a "toy bricks" love Shanghai "toy bricks" Encyclopedia, Shanghai library, love to do a few blocks toys "love Shanghai know, add your website URL and > in these places to read more

How to determine the search engine keyword and page relevance

keyword layout is also testing the keywords and related pages, keyword distribution refers to the keywords in the page appears in the key position, different position within the page there will bring a certain impact on the relevance of the page. The keyword search engine by recording the value distribution of keywords in the page appears in the position to calculate the page, so as to obtain the relationship between the keyword distribution and page. Key assumptions at the top of the page, the key distribution value is 5, while in the bottom, keyword distribution value is 1, then the key words appear in both the top and bottom of the page, the page keyword distribution value is 6. under normal circumstances in order to increase the value of the distribution will be in the title and the first paragraph plus key words. read more

Look at the dark horse network marketing industry to rise

, moriai Wanyuan (贵族宝贝chinasowon贵族宝贝) started a special network brand packaging for the enterprise, provide the combination of traditional media and Internet media communication services, along with the amazing development of Internet communication speed, moriai Wanyuan first introduced interactive marketing and public relations network combining effective creative marketing mode. The mode is in do network marketing at the same time make full participation in the formation of public relations marketing, public relations, marketing and user reputation related media (Institutions) effective service PR concurrency, and is suitable for the network branding, product network promotion, the image of the city government planning requirements. read more

Search engine marketing Xianpinaifu

The average life expectancy of The advantage of What are the factors that restrict the development of small and medium-sized enterprises

if we want to promote a product, must spend a lot of money, not thousands, tens of thousands of can do the best results, but small businesses did not dare to spend money, spend sure to spend wisely, is there a way to spend less, the best effect of

We use

survey found that Chinese SMEs are relatively small, they lack most is money, this is the ultimate reason of the large enterprises and not PK. read more

Qi more website internal optimization of the five Nirvana

1, title and keywords

Qi more that many webmaster in the process of Web site optimization, most of the time and energy on the construction of internal and external website, optimizing the actual site is also very important, internal web site optimization is a tedious work, is the basis for the website optimization, internal optimization to make the whole website optimization multiplier. Internal web site optimization mainly considered easier for users to understand and use, easy spiders crawl and crawl, we look together for this website internal optimization five Nirvana: read more

Soft chain increases magic weapon


4, Donews-IT portal

1, the high quality of soft Wen: write soft Wen, must to analyze the essence of them, if they can not find it, rewrite the proposal.


before I wrote an article "how to achieve the quality and quantity of website promotion?" article, through the submission on Admin5 reproduced amazing results see below, if you keep the links in the article, then this reprint volume can make the site a short time you added in many different high quality links, of course there are some personal quality problem or webmaster delete the original link editor. read more

Sharing experience how to layout homepage is reasonable

second: Description Description, in addition to other titles is essential for the description of web site. For example, the same excellent title, two sites into the love Shanghai home situation, then no doubt description will become another indicator of the keywords ranking, and written description can be better to attract users to visit, so the description is very important.

homepage will use call >

The first point:

for each web page, is undoubtedly the most important, whether a spider or the user is generally through the website homepage, and generally speaking the web page on the site of the entire page group weight is the highest, so the layout page is also very important, so how do we go the layout page better? Today I will share with you some tips page layout issues and the need to pay attention to, hope to help you master. read more

2013 how to enhance the effect of the bid love Shanghai

2, website user experience is the key.

this industry how many competitors, what do they do keywords ranking, how to input, how, how many irrelevant keywords consumer costs and the existence of malicious clicks and so on your account every day, these must be done, the so-called friends, only to understand about the situation of competitors, then his next release it.

account structure is to improve the quality of key words, improve the good performance of the entire account, so as to win the low ranking based on. A good account, Samsung keywords should be at least eighty percent or more, the account structure is very clear, and show the keywords and creative high click. This is the basis for the bidding can not be ignored. read more

Some of the classic website promotion promotion.

promotion website is to do the webmaster every day about what to do daily work, so that many online promotion methods, each have what use, which is suitable to their own, this test did not know personally, you know the ten methods, but not necessarily can make good use of the ten person, not greedy, a a perfectly, each to understand, as the saying goes, when men focus on the most attractive, the most beautiful woman focus. Can also be used in the promotion of the site, following the introduction of several commonly used means of promotion: read more

The chain era has come to an end This is just the beginning

The current release of

chain and the webmaster have countless hard feelings, whatever a person to do Shanghai dragon, the chain is compulsory, many people put the chain as a machine to work, but I love the chain as an art, carefully carved, good intentions of each step, such a work of art in order to get more people to "like", with the second half of 2015, Shanghai has declared love reduce the score of the role of the chain, many webmaster will do some novice, don’t even know what love Shanghai to reduce the effect of the chain, now still buried outside the chain of hair, if in a few years ago, issued 100 outside the chain can get 100 votes, then, now issued 100, more than 5 votes, visible the role of the chain is weakened a lot, there are a lot of people think outside the chain of the era of "end", really Is this? Cen Huiyu believes that the era of the chain now has just started. read more

Shanghai dragon and Taobao customers in close contact with the future in where

to bind your alipay. This is the first job you get commissions, because when you put out the product promotion, Ali mother on a monthly 20, the Commission to your Alipay, if you are not bound to Alipay, then your commission "dashuipiao", this is a thing related to their own interests so, at the beginning of Taobao customers must bind their own Alipay, so that it can help you in the future to promote Taobao customers.


many friends do not know how to start doing Taobao off? Many of my friends do not know how to operate at the beginning of Taobao customers, mainly do not know how to start, but he was very want to achieve their extra income on this platform. So what we should do from the start where the Taobao off? I like to share Taobao passenger entry knowledge: read more

Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis and help you improve user experience of the website

in addition, in the website content layout should also pay attention to the user experience, when we release the content to the paragraph is clear, the segment is segmented, displayed on the website of the text size should be moderate, not too small or too large, not all crowded together, it is not convenient for users to read still, the most important thing is that the content must not have typos, but not read out, at least to the smooth, no typos, allows users to easily read. These are all we have to consider, although there are some small details, but for the user experience is to consider the so-called user experience is to do a good job of these details. read more

Rookie in Shanghai dragon speech content is king BaiDu search engine optimization

Art: website in the first feel very comfortable, not very harsh, because you do this site, is a show, rather than to the search engine to see if your pages do bad, in the love of Shanghai ranked better, on day 100 people come in, you will see the website look contact your

The following

website: website content is best pseudo original, in time to revise the article on the network, need to put the "title" slightly modified, your use of the article, I understand, with similar meaning words in title, to replace the original title, with the same title, can with similar meaning words to replace, if the website contains pictures, description should be added to the picture ATL, site outside the chain not overdo sth.. read more